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God Im Struggling Cover.jpg

God, I’m Struggling is about struggle—but it is not about the struggle to believe in God, or the struggle to accept Jesus as your savior. This book is about deepening your understanding of the PURPOSE OF YOUR STRUGGLE and lessons to be learned from your struggle. Through a survey of 15 biblical characters and their experience with challenges, you will

  • Reflect upon a full range of life struggles experienced in scripture

  • Understand more deeply the nature of God revealed in the struggles of the selected characters 

  • Apply that understanding to your own experiences.

  • Clarify who you are internally as you face your challenges

  • Recognize the impact of how others are impacted by observing you meet and master challenges

  • Apply lessons learned from the study of the characters to your personal struggles

  • Equip you to help others in their struggles in life

  • Recognize that you are an overcomer

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